The majority of my published writing is ghost-written, but on this page you can take a look at some pieces published under my own name to get a feel for my writing style.

Here is a selection of my writing. Want to read more? Take a look at my Chloe the Italophile blog.

What’s the deal with ToursByLocals?

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Diet Menus: Various copy and content (sample here)

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The best places in the UK to visit this summer

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A weekend in Lisbon: The best things to do and see

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How to travel the world for less: Everything you need to know about work exchange

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The best places to eat and drink in Venice

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9 tips for a good work-life balance as a remote worker

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The 10 best places to visit in England

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8 day trips within an hour of London

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The best food to eat around England

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The 9 best museums and galleries in London

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A literary tour of England

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The best places to visit in Italy

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Remote freelancing: 10 destinations to consider

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Hidden gems in Rome: Off the beaten track

Cityscape of Rome at sunset.
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What to cook when you don’t feel like cooking

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How to visit Venice without breaking the bank

A view of the Grand Canal, Venice.
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Are dating sites the new normal for those seeking long-term relationships?

A smartphone in use.
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I quit my job, moved to Italy, and haven’t looked back

A young woman sits on a slab of concrete with Florence's Ponte Vecchio in the background.
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Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, small wins are everything

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