I’m Chloe, a freelance writer, copy editor and proofreader from the UK. I’ve put this website together as a kind of catch-all site for my work. I’ll be adding any of my published work to my writing page and will be updating the blog regularly.

I have a huge range of writing interests, so here, you can expect to see articles about food, travel, feminism and sustainability. I’ll be sharing personal stories as well as travel tips, recipes and cooking advice, personal essays and more, so if any of that takes your fancy, welcome!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little bit about me so that you can get to know me – my life, my interests, what makes me tick.

After working in British chef Jamie Oliver’s editorial team for 18 months, I quit to go travelling and spend some time in Italy. Partly triggered by a pre-Brexit panic – when could I get to live abroad if not now?! – and partly due to a general need for a change, my partner, Bill, and I left our poky little flat in Tooting, South London, and hopped on a plane to Italy.

Other than a couple of short trips back to visit family, we’ve been in Italy since October last year. We began by staying with families through Workaway, a work-exchange initiative that connects host families with volunteers. We worked on farms and at agriturismi (Italian farm-stay hotels) in exchange for room and board. Workaway is a great platform, and I really cannot recommend it enough. It gave Bill and I the opportunity to spend a long time abroad, spending time outdoors, meeting new, open-minded people and learning new skills – splitting wood with an axe gave me a rush I never knew I needed!

A beautiful sunrise from a Workaway host’s home

In March of this year, though, COVID-19 hit. We were staying with a family in Umbria and had planned to stay there for only two weeks when lockdown was implemented. After a number of frantic calls from our families, Bill and I decided to stay where we were (thanks to the huge kindness of our hosts, who were happy to let us stay at their home).

After 11 weeks in the outskirts of Monteleone, a tiny Umbrian village, our hosts had just about had enough of us, so we packed up and moved to an Airbnb the next town along, supporting ourselves by working remotely as freelancers. We’ve been doing the same thing ever since.

We’re currently staying in an apartment in Rome, but are due to move back to the UK for Christmas. With Brexit on the horizon, it’s unclear what our future holds; we don’t know where we’ll live or how easy it would be to move out to Italy fulltime, so the plan is to wait and see.

Three months in Rome – making the most of an EU passport

There’s a lot I want to achieve in the meantime, and I’m hoping that this blog will be a great way for me to start.

By chloelaywrites

I'm a freelance writer, copy editor and proofreader from the UK. Want to know more? Check out my site!

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